Rio Celeste, Hotel B&B Bijagua de Upala

Birdwatching Lodge
Volcanos Tenorio & Miravalles - Costa Rica

Volcano Tenorio National Park and Rio Celeste

Hike in the rainforest, where the lush jungle hides an extraordinary fauna that fears you. You will see there a confluent of two crystal clear rivers which by a chemical reaction gives the water its light blue colour. Don't miss its blue lagoon, its bubbling spot with sulphuric gases, its spectacular panoramic view and its imposing waterfall. Please note that it is strongly forbidden to swim in the Park. Bilingual guides are available (contact us).

Driving time: 20 minutes - Activity: 3 to 4 hours
Entrance fee pp: $12 - Difficulty: Medium -Safe Parking $2 per car

Tubing in Rio Celeste (Wilson)

Enjoy descending one of the most beautiful rivers in the world. The tubing experience is a cocktail made of the adrenaline of the rapids, the pleasure in observing the tropical forest from the quiet waters and the surprise of discovering a great variety of reptiles, birds and mammals. The temperature of the water is ideal for this activity. Transport, guide and snack are included in the rate.

Driving time: 5 minutes from Park Entrance - Activity: 4 hours
Rate pp: $50 - Difficulty: NO

Kayaking Caño Blanco & Caño Negro (Odir)

Two of the most beautiful wetlands throughout the Northland of Costa Rica, come together in this paradisiacal place of exceptional beauty, we paddle along the Blue River to observe several species of animals such as spider monkeys, white-face monkey, howler monkeys, iguanas and Caiman, but also visit Caño blanco freshwater mangroves, unique in the area and a place with an impressive scenic beauty; time passes while we observe birds on the flooded forest and discover gaps and sites that still look unexplored. The transport, guide, lunch and snack are included in the rate.

Driving time: 60 minutes - Activity: 6 hours
Rate pp: $65 - Difficulty: NO

The White Canyon Adventure

While Costa Rica has dozens of “canopy tours,” with hundreds of zip-lines, they have truly innovated with their Canyon Adventure. Under the guidance of renowned adventure designers, they have created a sequence that will please and surprise. The inspiring Rio Blanco Canyon is the main stage for an awesome cable-based adventure.
15 platforms: 6 of them are rock-based, 9 are suspended on the canyon walls - A pendulum cable - A 50ft “Tarzan swing” - A 90ft challenge bridge - 4 via ferratas* with lengths varying from 15 to over 30ft - 5 zip lines with lengths varying from 260 to over 800ft - Full access to the thermal hot springs and canyon-Thermal pools & decks-Hiking trails - Water station in the middle of the circuit. Gourmet lunch in the panoramic restaurant included

Driving time: 60 minutes - Activity: 6 hours
Rate pp: $80 - Difficulty: NO

Horseback Riding and a swim in the blue river (David)

After Rio Celeste on your own, meet your guide around 1 p.m. at the Posada Amistad where a nice traditional lunch will be served by a family well known for their wide smiles. The ride will bring you though open fields, trails and forest till the blue river outside of the Park. There, swimming is allowed. This tour is also combined with wildlife observation. Satisfaction guaranteed, bring enough batteries for your camera.

Driving time: 3 minutes from Park entrance - Activity: 3 hours
Rate pp: $45 - Difficulty: Medium

Floating Safari on Río Frío (Odir)

After a traditional hearty breakfast you will float for two hours in quiet water. You will observe the flora and fauna that inhabit the banks of this beautiful river. No problem, no danger: Safety is the main objective of this operator with a long successful background.
Transportation, guide, lunch and snack are included in the rate.

Driving time: 30 minutes from Park entrance - Activity: 4 hours
Rate pp: $70 - Difficulty: None

Bijagua Frogs Tour

Guided Tour from 9:00 to 19:00 in Spanish with the owner. You will discover amphibians, reptiles, insects, mammals and birds. A lot of memories to tell your children or grandchildren !If you want a bilingual guide, count with $5 additional per person

Driving time: 10 minutes - Activity: 2-2:30 hours
Entrance fee pp: $10 - Difficulty: NO

Agro-Ecological Farm "Finca Verde"

In Bijagua, discover a real oasis. The farm's owners abandoned all chemicals some 18 years ago. This latter explains that there, you will discover: How they breed butterflies, their ornamental plants, medical and aromatic plants, Red Eyed Frogs, Sloths, Birds but also: Organic Coffee, Bananas and Plantains... An easy walk with the owners. They will transmit you their knowledge and passion of nature - Guide included.

Driving time: 10 minutes - Activity: 2 hours - Tours at 8, 10, 12, 14 & 16:00 (by appointment)
Rate pp: $12 - Difficulty: Zero

Rafting on Tenorio River

This white waters rafting permits little nature and wildlife observation. But in the rapids or jumping the 12 ft. drop (Class V) you will feel other great sensations and your adrenalin will rise up. Transports, guide, lunch and snack included.

Driving time: 30 minutes - Activity: 6 hours
Rate pp: $105 - Difficulty: Class III & IV

Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge

Following a scenic itinerary and if weather permits, you will see 4 volcanoes at a time then reach this welcoming village. There you will navigate during two exciting hours on the "Rio Frio" and on flooded areas searching for crocodiles, caimans, turtles and iguanas. You also will be delighted by seeing an incredible amount of birds of many species. Then, no problem if you want hike more on your own around. Captain and local guide included.

Driving time: 90 minutes - Activity: 2 hours
Rate: $60 for 1 to 4 + $10 pp entrance fee - Difficulty: NO

Volcanic Activities - Volcano Miravalles - Las Hornillas

After an out of beaten road around Volcano Miravalles and crossing 54 rivers, discover all the volcanic activities in a magical site. Experiment the volcanic and therapeutic mud, the hot and cold water Jacuzzis. Take a trip in a truck pulled by a tractor or horseback ride till the nearby forest. Cross three spectacular hanging bridges and walk deeper in the jungle to discover amazing waterfalls. Guides and Lunch included.

Driving time: 90 minutes - Activity: 4 hours
Rate pp: $55 - Difficulty: Medium-Low